Senior Management 

 Jeff Ross, Ph.D, CEO  

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Dr. Ross brings more than 20 years of biomedical research, management and regulatory experience in regenerative medicine, biologics, and medical devices to Miromatrix including concept development, preclinical, clinical, manufacturing, and commercialization.  He has held various technical and management positions at Guidant, Athersys and SurModics.  Since coming to Miromatrix in 2010 he has been pivotal in the development, manufacturing and regulatory clearance of the innovative MIROMESH and MIRODERM product lines.  He has spearheaded development, global patent strategy, and fundraising for the revolutionary whole organ transplant program and its key decellularization technology.  Dr. Ross has over 30 patents along with scientific publications in Nature and other peer reviewed journals.  He holds a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of Minnesota. 


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Dr. Gilbert has been researching the role of extracellular matrix scaffolds in regenerative medicine and developing products based upon this research for nearly 20 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He became a faculty in the Departments of Surgery, Bioengineering, and Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, and established a laboratory affiliated with the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh that focused on the potential for extracellular matrix scaffolds to support in situ tissue repair or whole organ engineering to address congenital cardiothoracic defects. His lab was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and multiple not-for-profit foundations. Dr. Gilbert entered into industry at ACell, initially as Vice President of Research & Development and quickly became Chief Science Officer with additional responsibilities for the Clinical Research and Quality departments. He has extensive experience including applied research, product development and launch, and post-market clinical product evaluation. Dr. Gilbert has over published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific articles and has received numerous patents.


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Dr. Seetapun has nearly 10 years of biomedical research experience in a laboratory setting with experience in cell biology, computational modeling, product development, quality systems and manufacturing.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and later a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.  Her graduate work focused on predictive computational modeling of cytoskeletal microtubule dynamics during neuron polarization.  Dr. Seetapun joined Miromatrix in 2012 as a Senior Scientist working on development of a cardiac patch for heart tissue repair and later led development of Miromatrix' acellular product line.  She was instrumental in the development and design transfer of MIROMESH as well as the development, regulatory clearance and design transfer for MIRODERM and subsequent acellular products.  


Brian Perrault, Director of R&D / Operations

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Mr. Perrault has spent over 10 years working in a laboratory setting with experience in research and development, product development, quality control and manufacturing. He graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris with a B.A. in Biology. After college he worked at the University of South Dakota’s Medical School. As a research scientist he was introduced to microbiology and molecular biology assays and techniques while performing research on Enterococcus faecalis. In 2007 he started out as a laboratory technician at the University of Minnesota’s Schulze Diabetes Institute performing more than 800 islet cell isolations for R/D, xenotransplantation, auto-transplantation and allo-transplantation.  In 2012 he became the quality control laboratory manager for the human and porcine islet isolation program responsible for the release of clinical islet isolation products for human transplantation. In 2013 he joined Miromatrix Medical and participated in ramping up the acellular product line as well as multiple whole organ regeneration programs. Mr. Perrault’s experience is well-rounded as research and development scientist, quality control manager and GMP manufacturing of biologic tissue. 


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Dr. Macenski has almost 30 years of biomedical research and management experience spanning both academia and the medical device industry.   He began his career as a psychiatry faculty member at the University of Texas Medical School examining central nervous system drug effects on behavior.  After a successful 10-year academic run, Dr. Macenski refocused on clinical research and medical devices.  Over the last 15 years he has held various management positions in the orthopedic industry including Clinical Hip Operations Manager, Scientific Affairs Manager for biologic research and an executive leadership position as Global Director of Clinical Affairs at Zimmer Spine.  Dr. Macenski was awarded a Ph.D. in behavioral pharmacology from the University of Minnesota.  His scholarship is evidenced by authorship of numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles across multiple diverse fields including CNS drug action, human drug abuse, behavioral economics, spine pathology, autologous proteins, and osteoarthritis.  He has over 50 conference presentations and is currently an associate editor for The Spine Journal.


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Mr. Niebur has held executive level financial positions at organizations in a variety of industries in his thirty year career. Most recently, as the president and chief financial officer of Entrprize Corp, he provided value to that company's shareholders through an innovative transaction with the company's insurers. As the vice president and controller of Wyncrest Capital, Inc., a privately-held venture capital firm, he has lead the financial departments of financial services, gaming, software and technology companies. A number of these companies were publicly-held corporations. Mr. Niebur has a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting and is a certified public accountant (inactive).