Miromatrix Receives State-Funded Grant for Kidney Program

Miromatrix Kidney in Skeleton sm.jpg

Miromatrix received a $99,950 grant from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota (RMM), a publicly funded initiative established in 2014 with a $43.6 million allocation over a 10-year span. RMM has a mission to seek out and fund the best ideas in regenerative medicine, including those with the best commercialization potential.

The current RMM grant was awarded to Miromatrix senior product development scientist Joseph Uzarski for the company’s work on developing bioengineered kidney grafts, which are much-needed by thousands of kidney failure patients who are on waiting lists for transplantation.
Through patented perfusion decellularization and recellularization technology, Miromatrix is able to engineer new kidney grafts that combine pig-derived scaffolds with human kidney cells. This grant money will assist Miromatrix in designing and developing a prototype perfusion system to test function in our bioengineered kidney grafts.

Learn more about the grant and Miromatrix' kidney program.