The Atlantic Includes Miromatrix in an Article

The Atlantic has featured Miromatrix in an article about how large pork businesses are creating new company units that will work with medical organizations interested in using pig tissues for medical devices and whole organ therapies.

The article highlights Miromatrix’ technology, our wound matrix and the development of transplantable organs based on our patented technology.  As the promise of fully biologic organs grows nearer we are excited to see porcine industry leaders, such as Smithfield Foods and Johnsonville, create entire biologic divisions to address the growing need for high-quality organ procurement for the medical market.  

Keeping the structure of the protein scaffold is important, which is why the company has special partnerships with local farms and slaughterhouses. “We make sure it doesn’t have any nicks and cuts it (sic), which takes a little bit of training,” says CEO Jeff Ross. He says the company is aiming to achieve the first human implant sometime in 2020 or 2021.

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