Miromatrix Medical Inc. Initiates Hiatal Hernia Clinical Trial

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Miromatrix Medical Inc., a biotechnology company engaged in the development of fully biological human organs to solve the chronic shortage of transplantable organs, utilizing its patented perfusion decellularization/recellularization technology, as well as organ-derived biological products for soft tissue reinforcement and advanced wound care, announces initiation of a 6-site, 50-patient prospective clinical trial to evaluate hernia recurrence requiring reoperation after receiving MIROMESH® implantation. 

MIROMESH is a novel, non-crosslinked, acellular mesh derived from the highly vascularized porcine liver.  By using the whole liver, MIROMESH is able to retain the liver’s native architecture, vasculature, and tissue structure.  This study will serve to provide clinicians with high-quality data in order to provide them with a higher degree of confidence when selecting MIROMESH for hiatal hernia repair.