LeapsMag by Bayer: "Can Spare Parts from Pigs Solve Our Organ Shortage?"

LeapMag has published an article focusing on the medical field's efforts to solve the world's organ shortage problem.  This is a great overview of different approaches to creating life-saving solutions and our role as the leader in these efforts.  

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"Much further along, and less ethically fraught, is a technique in which decellularized pig organs act as a scaffold for human cells. A Minnesota-based company called Miromatrix Medical is working with Mayo Clinic researchers to develop this method. First, a mild detergent is pumped through the organ, washing away all cellular material. The remaining structure, composed mainly of collagen, is placed in a bioreactor, where it’s seeded with human cells."

LeapsMag was created by Leaps by Bayer, a new innovation initiative whose mission is to “aim for fundamental breakthroughs in the life sciences – ‘leaps’ that have the potential to change our world for the better.”  Leaps by Bayer holds the conviction that ‘fundamental breakthroughs’ are absolutely necessary to conquer the most demanding challenges facing humanity. And that these breakthroughs will only be made possible by those willing to take risks and do what many think can’t be done.