Miromatrix Presents Milestone on Engineering a Transplantable Kidney at Kidney Week 2017 in New Orleans

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Miromatrix will present its most recent bioengineered kidney milestone at Kidney Week 2017 hosted by the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) on October 31st through November 5th in New Orleans.  As we progress towards a bioengineered kidney we must demonstrate functional vasculature to be able to continuously perfuse blood.  We have been able to show that functional vasculature can be achieved by repopulating decellularized kidneys with human primary endothelial cells.

A poster, presented by Senthuran Atputhanathan B.S., describing this achievement entitled “Development of Functional Vasculature in Decellularized Whole Porcine Kidneys with Human Endothelial Cells” will be presented at the conference on November 3rd (Poster #FR-PO977).   Whole porcine kidneys were perfusion decellularized and human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) and primary human epithelial cells (HRE) were perfused into the kidney graft’s vascular and tubular compartments respectively. Key metabolic parameters were monitored to assess cell proliferation and viability while whole organ culture was performed under continuous media perfusion.  Additionally, recellularized kidneys were introduced into blood loops using whole porcine blood to model in-vivo performance as functional vasculature assessments were performed.  Cellular engraftment and viability were measured by metabolic parameters including glucose consumption over 3 to 4 weeks (n=12) to achieve the desired level. These data were further corroborated by histological analysis of formalin fixed kidney sections demonstrating the presence of a single layer of engrafted cells on vascular and tubular compartments. Furthermore, cells positive for the endothelial cell marker CD31 were confined to the vascular compartment and cells positive for the epithelial cell marker e-cadherin were confined to the tubular compartment. Vascular functionality was characterized by blood loops and demonstrated long-term continuous perfusion of whole blood compared at physiological pressures compared to non-recellularized kidneys that demonstrated the lack of flow after a few minutes.  These results demonstrate the ability to generate a functional vasculature in our recellularized kidney grafts, a critical first step in the engineering of a fully bioengineered kidney.

“The progress represented in our revascularized kidneys is a tremendous milestone in our goal to bioengineer transplantable kidneys,” says Senthuran Atputhanathan, Miromatrix Kidney Scientist. “Our ability to demonstrate functional vasculature in these large animal kidney grafts is exciting as it enables us to continue to build upon our success by introducing additional functional kidney cells into our kidney grafts.”

Kidney Week is the world's premier nephrology meeting.  The conference showcases the latest scientific and medical advances and hosts engaging and provocative discussions with leading experts in the field of nephrology.