MIROMESH Reaches Milestone of 1,000th Unit Shipped; MIRODERM Surpasses 500

Miromatrix Medical Inc., a biotechnology company engaged in the development of fully biological human organs to solve the chronic shortage of transplantable organs, utilizing its patented perfusion decellularization/recellularization technology, as well as organ-derived biological products for soft tissue reinforcement and advanced wound care, announces that MIROMESH®, the only liver-derived biologic mesh indicated for soft tissue reinforcement, has surpassed 1,000 units shipped.  MIROMESH was launched in September 2014 and was created using Miromatrix’ proprietary perfusion decellularization technology.

Also this month, the combined shipments of MIRODERM®, MIRODERM® Fenestrated, and MIRODERM® Fenestrated Plus surpassed 500 units shipped.  The MIRODERM products are non-crosslinked acellular wound matrices derived from porcine liver and are intended for the management of wounds including: partial and full thickness wounds; venous and diabetic ulcers; surgical and trauma wounds among others.