Miromatrix Medical Launches MIRODERM® and MIRODERM® Fenestrated Wound Matrix

Miromatrix Medical Inc., a biotechnology company engaged in the development of fully biological human organs to solve the chronic shortage of transplantable organs, utilizing its patented perfusion decellularization/recellularization technology, as well as organ-derived biological products for soft tissue reinforcement and advanced wound care, unveils two new products for the management of a wide range of wounds: MIRODERM® and MIRODERM® Fenestrated are created utilizing the same proprietary perfusion decellularization process used in the manufacturing of MIROMESH®, Miromatrix’ biological mesh indicated for soft tissue repair including plastic and reconstructive surgery.  The MIRODERM® products are non-crosslinked acellular wound matrices derived from porcine liver and are indicated for the management of wounds including: partial and full thickness wounds; venous and diabetic ulcers; surgical and trauma wounds among others.  The Wound Matrix is available in solid form as well as a meshed sheet to allow for greater expansion.

MIRODERM® and MIRODERM® Fenestrated are available in a variety of sizes.