Miromatrix Medical Launches MIROMESH® Biological Mesh

Miromatrix Medical Inc., a biotechnology company engaged in the development of fully biological human organs to solve the chronic shortage of transplantable organs, utilizing its patented perfusion decellularization/recellularization technology, as well as organ-derived biological products for soft tissue reinforcement, announced today the launch of MIROMESH®, the only biological mesh derived from whole compressed porcine livers for the reinforcement of soft tissue.

By using the whole liver, MIROMESH is able to retain the liver’s native architecture, vasculature, and tissue structure.  Other products on the market are derived from less vascular biological sources (dermis, small intestinal submucosa, pericardium, and bladder) and rely on immersion decellularization technology.  Miromatrix’ patented perfusion decellularization technology uses a different mechanism for decellularizing the source tissue, thereby allowing for the creation of the porcine liver-derived mesh, resulting in greater cellular infiltration compared to competing products derived from porcine dermis.

MIROMESH is available in a variety of sizes.