To address the growing need for new cardiovascular therapies, Miromatrix is developing a functional cardiac patch. This effort currently is being funded by Miromatrix’ third government grant; a $500,000 Phase IIB award from the National Science Foundation (NSF).   The eventual product will provide a complete therapy to address the lack of functional recovery following an initial myocardial infarction (MI)—a fully recellularized contracting cardiac patch. By providing a completely contractile vascularized patch, it will be possible to return function to MI patients who normally would progress to chronic heart failure (CHF). The development of a total heart also is being pursued in cooperation with the Texas Heart Institute (THI),  led by one of the two inventors of Miromatrix’ core technology. Program accomplishments to date include:

  • Succeeded in securing a prestigious  $500,000 Phase II SBIR award from the National Science Foundation (NSF).
  • Created a self-contained, perfusable, cardiac patch graft capable of withstanding physiologically relevant arterial pressures.
  • Optimized tissue culture conditions for cardiac re-endothelialization with porcine as well as human umbilical cord endothelial cells (PUVECs and HUVECs).
  • Demonstrated vascular function of re-endothelialized cardiac patches via ex-vivo blood loops.
  • Developed an acellular cardiac patch from decellularized right and left ventricles of porcine origin intended for cardiac repair and support.
  • Successfully conducted an independent preclinical study implanting 4 acellular cardiac patches on an acute myocardial infarction (MI) porcine model for 60 days.

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