A Retrospective Review with Prospective Follow-Up of 85 Consecutive Patients Treated with MIROMESH® for Hiatal Hernia Repair

Study Investigators: G. Kevin Gillian, MD and Divya Bansal, PA-C, Virginia Heartburn and Hernia Institute, Lorton, VA


  • 85 consecutive patients were treated between November 2016 and March 2017 and were retrospectively identified for follow up

  • Patients underwent laparoscopic Nissen hiatal hernia repair with MIROMESH to reinforce the hiatal junction

  • Follow up post surgery occurred prospectively; mean 1.3 years (range: 0.5 to 1.8 years)

  • 73 subjects participated in the follow up (11 were not located and 1 declined participation)

    • IRB approved protocol, including scripted phone interview

    • Review of anesthesiologist reports, operative reports, and hospital and office charts



There were no reported revisions of the index hernia repair at a mean of 1.3 years.


Hiatal hernia repair was easily and safely accomplished and did not result in any mesh-related complications.

Post surgery (up to 1.8 years), patients reported:

  • No endoscopic or surgical reinterventions

  • Significantly improved GERD-HRQL scores

  • No proton pump inhibitor use in the previous 3 months for 90% of the cohort

This data suggests that a durable repair was achieved, which should be encouraging to surgeons seeking to reinforce hiatal hernias.